Starting the tour from Arsenale again. It has turned into a habit. How many times have I been to the Venice Biennale? I guess I don’t want to think about it. Were previews always this crowded? It is very hot and humid. Weather App says it is 21 degrees but it definitely feels 30.

Alejandro Aravena arrives at the same time as us. And starts addressing the crowd gathering around him. Unfortunately in Spanish. Trying to understand won’t make sense. I dive into the darkness.

The theme is quite intense, I think to myself. Reporting from the front is not an issue that can be handled easily. It is hard to stay away from cliches, especially trying not to fall into shiny and attractive traps of populism is tricky. A large banner with tiny letters welcomes me. ‘Is it possible to create a public space in a private commision?’ Come on. I have been cursed at so many times because I wanted to perform the profession of architecture in a way to bring a positive outcome to this question. Another question follows: ‘Is it possible to minimize the impact of building in a public space?’ Of course it is I think instinctively. If only I could figure out the relation of the texts and the work that is on show.

I am looking for things that go beyond stating the obvious. Like I said, it is an intense exhibition. Architecture is way too complicated for such a spotless message. Just as I am about to loose hope, I come across the monolithic concrete cast blocks of Marte.marte. Search of the unexpected. Incredible objects. 5 abstract statues. I touch them tenderly. Can’t stop myself. The projects are good too. Especially that plain bridge. I am relieved a little.

I come across Paola Urbano suddenly. What a coincidence. We tried to meet many times to do something, not accomplishing to come together so far. Here was where it was meant to be.  She has liked the bells further ahead. Her face lights up again…