The collateral events of the Bienalle are also being followed with great interest this year. Time Space Existence in Palazzo Bembo is one of them. During the preview evenings it did take quite some time to reach the stairs, while trying to bypass the giant Parmigiano on the right hand side of the entrance hall. Our exhibition arch l strata l antioch is in the main hall of the second floor.

The exhibition showcases the Antakya Museum Hotel Project located in the center of Antakya, Turkey, close to the St. Pierre Church which is one of the most important pilgrimage sites of Christianity. Through images text, videos and the model, the exhibit highlights the complex layers and the unique manner of the project displaying how architecture can cause paradigm shift in interpreting private and public. The arch l strata l antioch will be open till the end of the Biennale but of course you can check out its details on our website (www.emrearolat.com) as well.

Though I never come to the biennalles with great enthusiasm, I tend to cheer up once I step onto Venice. Everyone should have a taste of it, the experience of being in this magnificient urban landscape, away from the worries of daily life. And tomorrow I will be in the exceptional aura of Giardini.