Ankara-İzmir, Turkey




Contrary to the common approach in retrospective architectural exhibitions, the recent works of the practice which were not yet lingers in past, therefore not progressed were on display at the ‘an/Moment’ exhibition. The projects, issues, events, people that are on EAA’s daily agenda were presented with non-reducted actual documents, showcasing the recent near future memory of the office as well as enabling a tour inside it. The exhibition is enriched by the display of  EAA’s relationship with the award system through the 18 awards and the Aga Khan Architecture Award, all received in 2010, the daily life in the office, documents produced during the project process, sketch books, personal notes and video recordings. By its structure formed of fragments rather than a holistic and complete narrative, the exhibition tried to absorb the visitor and to turn himself as a part of it.


The exhibition was first opened in March 2011 at Tophane-i Amire Building of Mimar Sinan University in Istanbul, re-executed at İzmir Painting & Sculpture Museum in October 2011 and Kultur University in Istanbul in November 2011.

  • An 01
  • An 02
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