• Complements & Dichotomies XDesign/Installation Exhibition


Lincoln Road 1111, Miami, USA




The Complements & Dichotomies exhibition was an experiential art form through a collection of immersive artistic interpretations from a curated group of emerging artists, architects and designers. The exhibition held between 24-25th of February 2017 at Lincoln Road 1111, Miami, USA.

EAA- Emre Arolat Architecture proposed ‘Contrasts’, as an installation which explores the misconceived dualities of Islamic Philosophy through the reading of EAA’s highly reputed ‘Sancaklar Mosque’ project.

In contrast to all the serenity the black box implies, on a small screen the “today” of the Islamic culture is on display... A video that avoids being provocative yet stands at the edge of an in depth examination is presented right there, to let the viewer become aware of the current situation.

Sometimes it is a collage of photos or cutouts from larger images, displayed on a large wall… Contrasts is an illusion that can only come out via experimenting the architecture itself yet the best is tried to be able to reflect its aesthetics within this black box. A selection of images that are enlarged to the size of a person, in an attempt to bring the viewer a very similar experience. Or a fictive creation through collaged textures, edges or details in such a way that maintains the overall feel of its beauty.

The whole story being based on the overlapping relationship between observation and perception; the viewer is invited to become immersed in an up-close inspection of the observed and perceived beauty which derives from an architecture defined solely by its context.


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