By EAA-Emre Arolat Architecture
22 pages
Istanbul, 2015

The booklet is a product of the 2015 exhibition hosted at RIBA’s Practice Space, which delved into the urban histories of Istanbul and London. Titled “ist-on situations”, the exhibition was curated by Emre Arolat with the collaboration of Prof. Dr. Murat Güvenç from Istanbul City University and Ömer Çavuşoğlu, an urban planning and development consultant based in London. It discovers the modernization tales of Istanbul and London with the captivating timeline that spans from the 19th century to present day. Commencing with the Ottoman Empire’s announcement of the Second Constitutional Era, which coincided with London’s railway expansion, this dual-city approach showcases crucial moments in the political, social, physical, and environmental development of both cities. The timeline features original drawings, models, and photographs that uncover both shared and distinct ‘situations’, highlighting pivotal events that have shaped the urban landscapes of Istanbul and London. The booklet also contains further information about EAA’s significant projects in Istanbul.