We are delighted to announce that EAA- Emre Arolat Architecture’s new exhibition per se* will be on show in Bucharest, Romania on November 1st and 2nd as part of International Architecture & Technology Forum and Blueprints of Innovation Exhibition at Radisson Blu Hotel, organized by SHARE Architects.

The word ”façade ” is originated from ‘facia’, a Vulgar Latin word meaning front, corresponds to a face of a building .Echoing Kevin Lynch’s sagacity from ”The Image of the City” one recognizes the cardinal role that façades play in civic engagements.They stand sentinel at the juncture of interiority and the external realm, encapsulating the essence of design, culture, and context.To the discerning observer, the façade often unravels the holistic idea of the project that is usually readable from the first grasp.

The digital installation per se* examines a selection of EAA projects to reflect how the façade emerges with the idea as a manifestation of a holistic design appraoch rather than being an afterthought or a mere decoration.

Exhbition is open from November 1st to November 2nd between throughout the day at Radisson Blu Hotel.