19 Jumeirah Palm


Dubai, UAE

Alpago Properties


Built Area
1.100 m²


In Progress

Palm island in Dubai is characterized by a series of villas that are next to each other but which do not look alike nor even try to relate to each other. One of the important aspects of the design was to close the building volume at the sides, preventing any physical or visual relationship with neighboring sites and extending the building toward the sea as well as the to the garden at the back. In this process, the maximum building height was utilized allowing the creation of a series of unexpected hollowed-out spaces within the volume of the building. These spaces, enclosed at the top or open on the sides, form an exterior lounge on the ground level and a large private terrace off the master bedroom with a jacuzzi. The building has a firm geometric language and the materials used add to an impression of subtle solidity. The three-story high entrance hall frames a panorama towards the sea at the same time as it marks the heart of the house in terms of the circulation. All the en-suite bedrooms feature extra space for study, hobby areas with views of the sea, together with intermediate spaces and gardens.

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