Dalaman International Airport Terminal II


Dalaman-Muğla, Turkey

State Airports Authority


Built Area
105.585 m²



Located in southwestern Turkey, the new International Terminal is part of the same complex as the Dalaman Domestic Airport Terminal designed by EAA (2006). The main section of the airport is covered with a protective canopy that regulates air flow between the two roofs and creates a microclimate by filtering direct sunlight using sunshades. This “intelligent” canopy limits energy consumption, while the sunshades include photovoltaic panels that help to reduce the building’s energy consumption. The geometry of the roof was conceived to allow ample natural light to enter the public spaces. Emre Arolat explains, “A notable feature and one of real importance in the planning is the visual relationships on different levels and the existence of interior gardens, that serve as common open areas within the airport as well as providing uninterrupted lines of vision into the greenery on the departure and arrival levels. Inside the building the main materials are exposed concrete and natural wood, which contribute to a sense of being close to the ground. This concept of course fits in well with the accent placed on greenery throughout the project.

*by Philip Jodidio, Global and Local / New Projects / EAA-Emre Arolat Architecture, Rizzoli Electa, 2020.

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