İzmir, Turkey
Built Area
124.500 m²

In the project that has been prepared for the multi-functional construction group -mixed-use – to be built in the İzmir, Bayraklı region by İş Gayrımenkul Yatırım Ortaklığı, the specific location of the land in the city, the construction conditions regulated for the region, the socio-cultural effects to be brought upon the regional life by the complex, dangers of urban fragmentation and social segregation, intersection points of public and private spheres and the assessment of the tension that may rise thereon, establishment of functional intersections -crossprogramming – of the complex program considering the urban life and private uses, climatic characteristics and scenery relations, the effects on the landscape perceived both from the seaside direction and from the urban direction, structural analyses and massive influences, sustainable structural analyses and ecological design tendencies as well as construction systems, criteria such as local materials, building opportunities and economy have been kept on the agenda as effective design data.

The specific location has been an important criteria in the massive decisions of the complex that will be built on an area within the borders of a newly-developing regions of İzmir, which has rich potentials both in terms of transportation and possible relations with the city center.

One of the most important targets of the project is its handling in a tendency that will not create urban fragmentation and social segregation. In this context, the double-way shopping area that has been designed have been formed with a linear, open system that can be easily accessed from the ground floor, in contrary to the setting of the centers that we know that is closed to the city. The upper floors of the shopping and cultural center, consisting of one floor underground and two floors above ground, excluding the entrance floor, have been greenified and designed as an urban park that can be ascended from both ends. The pedestrian connections of this park, which is created in an amorphous geometry that enhances its visual and physical relations to the shopping floors, have been created in the interval in the middle.

Positioning of high housing blocks on pedestals by isolating them from this system has been put into use at this phase as an important design decision. In addition to this decision, keeping the surface area of the above mentioned buildings at a certain level has enabled creation of wider platforms for public use and existence of public and private regions in the structure without disturbing each other. The crystallized transparency that has been created by wide terraces, which will significantly contribute to the interior life in the buildings, as well as the differentiation of wind and sun breakers on the terraces, will contribute to the specificity of the project, and the difference of height between two high buildings will create a positive perception on the urban scale.

Project Location