Küçükbük Houses

  • Küçükbük Houses

Bodrum, Turkey

Öztek Construction


Built Area
18.000 m2 (193,750.38 sqf)


In Progress

Located on the northern part of the Bodrum peninsula, between Gundogan and Turkbuku; Kucukbuk hasn’t been a touristic destination and being densely populated with buildings yet. Moreover, the building formation of this bay is inhabited by one of the calmest residential areas of the peninsula. The thin cape about six hundred and fifty meters, laying along the North side of this settlement, opens both towards the west to Gundogan Bay and towards the more sheltered Golturkbuku Cape on the east.

In spite of the fact that it gets narrower towards the area where the housing groups will be located, generally, the arduous slope of the land creates the main idea of the design. The unusual variability of topography strengthens the established relation that buildings coexistingly establish with the sea. The roofs of the masses which are formed in this context find a value as a fifth facade and serves for the use of the house on the back.

Design of the roads as a semi-closed passage ways has became a dissociative design decision in the context of protection of the land’s natural slopes. It is aimed that the dense building formation conditioned by this strategy would create a texture which can be compromised with the calm chracater of the zone.

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