Lara Kervansaray Hotel and Conference Center

  • Lara Kervansaray Hotel and Conference Center

Antalya, Turkey

Kervansaray Hotels Group


Built Area
105.300 m2 (1,133,439.76 sqf)

Hotel and Leisure


Completed in 2002, this 87.000-square-meter (936,460 square foot) complex is located in Antalya, a city on the Mediterranean coast of southwestern Turkey. The site is perpendicular to the well-known Lara beach.

The form of the building was determined by local regulations concerning its height and width, but the architects ensured that all rooms have a view of the sea. The waterfront facade assumes a semicircular shape that unites the two bars of guest rooms, which are separated by a semipermeable ceiling covering indoor recreational areas. Partial shading creates varied light patterns within the central area, while careful attention to color schemes accentuates the impression of spatial variety generated despite the essentially rectilinear plan. Landscaped gardens create a transition between interior and exterior spaces. A simple load-bearing system was used, allowing for rapid, relatively low-budget construction.

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