Mersin Science and Youth Park

  • Mersin Science and Youth Park

Mersin, Turkey

Nokta Planning


Built Area
177.000 m2 (1,905,212.14 sqf)

Cultural, Educational, Masterplanning


Mersin, one of the most important commercial ports of Eastern Mediterranean, has become one of the fastest growing and transforming cities in Turkey especially as a result of the Free Zone. Alongside the interventions to the dense texture in the historical centre, the growth progressing towards North by the transformation of the old industrial areas, and through the shoreline towards South west is considered as an opportunity to improve the physical state of the city by the public authorities. Proactively, the interstate bus station, in use since 1986, to move to the outskirts of the city is planned, so that the area which has become central with the mentioned growth will be entitled to be included in the social and cultural life of the city.

Together with this area, the old bus repair and maintenance areas which is to the North West of this lot to be cleared will enable these two plots reaching 90.000 m² in total, will be able to house the Mersin Youth and Science Complex.

In the middle of the physical pattern that exists and increases in the neighbourhood, the complex which will serve as a city park as well will be a breathing point making it an aim of the project to turn this place into a social city platform with its flow of visitors increasing periodically. The double story pedestrian ways that go above the roads lying perpendicular to each other in between the two plots joining the different buildings have been designed to provide perspectives of vision. The buildings that are attached to the main and secondary spines, such as the Info Box and the Observatory, Science Centre, IMAX, Accommodation Building, Library, A Children’s University, Youth Centre and Community Hall, Music School, Concert Hall and the Museum Building are raised and placed on pilotis taking the climate into account, creating semi open public spaces. In terms of landscaping and the determining the architectural language of the total park and the buildings, a simple and clear approach is employed.

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