Cendere Valley Master Planning

  • Cendere Valley Master Planning

Istanbul, Turkey

Kayader & Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality


Built Area
400.000 m2 (4,305,564.16 sqf)



The Kağıthane Cendere Valley, which was an agricultural zone under the Ottoman Empire and later an industrial zone, is today an area of Istanbul that appears to be “forgotten,” its high-rise apartment buildings and squatter areas crossed over by a viaduct. It does remain a rather green space, as opposed to most of the rest of the city.

An association of landowners from Cendere valley was formed to organize its transformation in a coherent way. Together with the Istanbul Metropolitan Planning Governate, the association has consulted architectural firms such as EAA. Their goal has been to take the rights of landowners and residents into consideration, to increase areas set aside for public use, and to “protect social, ecological and environmental values.” The preservation of low construction density has also been a goal, despite potential investor opposition to this aspect of the plans.

This large (332.000 square meters or 3,6 million square feet) project involves continuous lowrise blocks with shopping arcades along the main avenues. Semi-open shaded spaces enabling multiple uses within the office zone. Instead of zoning in plan, the strategy of separating functions in section was accepted as a way to sustain the mixed use of buildings in the entire area. The green terrace in the office zone divides private areas on the upper levels from public spaces closer to ground. On the whole, the aim was to preserve Cendere as an ecological corridor for the enjoyment of its citizens.


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