Eyup Cultural Center and Marriage Hall

  • Eyup Cultural Center and Marriage Hall

Istanbul, Turkey

Eyüp Municipality


Built Area
6.500 m2 (69,965.41 sqf)

Cultural Center, Marriage Hall


Established at time of the conquest, Eyup was Istanbul’s first Ottoman Turkish settlement. The district is located beyond the city walls on the south bank of the Golden Horn. The Golden Horn, a horn-shaped estuary, divides European side of Istanbul. As one of the best natural harbors in the world, the Byzantine and Ottoman navies and commercial shipping interests were centered here. With the neglect borne of a population explosion in the 1950’s in Istanbul and ineffective zoning laws, the once pristine Golden Horn became a churning cesspool of grey city-sewage and industrial waste. Only in the 1980’s did a much needed urban clean-up begin. Polluting factories were cleared and proper sewage needs met. Today, parks and promenades line the shore and in the setting sun, the water shines a golden color. Since been cleaned up, it is a popular tourist attraction in Istanbul because of its history and beauty.

The building’s scheme is organized as a part of the structural landmark to cater versatile cultural activities with its structure that is put between platforms on different levels. This structure has a nuptial hall, a 750m2 multi-purpose wedding hall where different events could be held, the foyer and many other subsidiary spaces. The theatre hall, is provided with acoustic features which will enable conference, seminar and mini concert events to be held.

Theatre space extends to the foyer space where visual perception continues. Due to its user potential, the project has a special place among the cultural and public projects of EAA, the cultural center identity of which targets to become a structure that addresses to the city of Istanbul.

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