Cubuklu Vadi Houses

  • Cubuklu Vadi Houses

Istanbul, Turkey

FIBA-Yüksel Construction


Built Area
40.000 m2 (430,556.416 sqf)



The unusual slope of the lot, the dense vegetation and the view towards the north are among the design criteria in the Cubuklu Vadi Houses project. The distinguishing characteristics of the buildings designed with the input of the specific location were deck like terraces detached from the ground as alternative gardens, the articulated terrace roofs which formed the view of the residence behind it, the modular materials which allow for industrial production, interior and exterior spaces which can easily be separated or brought together through sliding systems. These characteristics were developed and maintained in the different types of residences with various sizes. The general settlement, developed according to the location’s specificity, was shaped by matching a linear planimetric order with the existent forest roads. The middle block consisting of recreational areas were fragmented according to the topography and the view.

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