Expo Milano Turkish Pavilion

  • Expo Milano Turkish Pavilion

Milano, Italy

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Built Area
4.000 m² (43,055.64 sqf)


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The theme of the Expo that was organized in Milan, Italy in 2015 was “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”. The aim of the expo was to emphasize concepts like technology, innovation, culture, tradition and creativity , contributing to the global awareness in this regard. The Pavilion that was proposed by EAA- Emre Arolat Architecture, aimed to exhibit the vast, multi layered and multi cultural food and nutrition accumulation of the geography which Turkey is a part of. Hence it was important for the expo building to be equipped with the latest technology as well as to incorporate a local taste.

Found usually in the Black Sea region and called Serander, these wooden buildings are used in the daily life especially for storing food.

These buildings, both because of climatic and topographic features of the region and also in order to avoid the wild animals, are raised on pilotis and are used by emptying the space underneath. These buildings, by allowing natural light and air circulation, become quite noteworthy buildings ecologically.

The Serander building, although unique to the geography of Turkey, has been proved to be a pioneer to store food worldwide has also been an inspiration for the Expo 2015 Turkish Pavilion. The building just like in the traditional use, has been raised on pilotis allowing the downstairs of the building to be used as open air activities where the building on top transforms into a canopy. The wooden structure of the building is environmentally conscious and light. Moreover the structure can be disassembled easily and can be reassembled in a suitable location that can sustain its life with a different function.

The double skin facade of the building lets the interior form its own microclimate, allows the natural light in and is designed to create a natural air circulation easing the job of mechanical systems. The interior path is designed with mild ramps where the user is exposed to new perspectives during the visit. The digital exhibit area, the pod, is planned as the main attraction. As a whole, the Expo Milano Turkish Pavillion aimed to present a unique, characteristic Turkish building taht is a sensible to environmental issues and can be re-purposed to a new functional building after Expo ends.

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