Liget Budapest Museum of Ethnography

  • Liget Budapest Museum of Ethnography

Budapest, Hungary

The Museum of Fine Arts and the Vorosliget Zrt.


Built Area
28.000 m2 (301,389.49 sqf)


Competition Entry

The design of the Ethnography Museum Project in Liget Park -which was designed In the very beginning of the 19th century and having the speciality to be the first substantial City Park in Europe, was handled by taking into consideration the complications and inner contradictions of the location’s context and the social environment.

It was determined as important aims that when viewed towards the park from the city, rather than coming out as a conventional building, the structure to be visualisedas a linear, calm and abstract object carrying the potential to exist together with the natural texture of the park and the existing monuments; and when viewed through the Park, maybe quite on the contrary, to act as if the continuation of the natural texture, in a more fragmanted and dissolving attitude, transforming into a structural landscape.

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