Kagithane Ofispark

  • Kagithane Ofispark

Istanbul, Turkey

Tekfen Holding


Built Area
54.000 m² (581,251.16 sqf)



Tekfen Tower, a prominent investment that the client has made recently, is built on the LeventMaslak axis on the Büyükdere Avenue which has transformed into İstanbul’s latest back bone of commerce . Many buildings on this axisare typical examples of the generic office structures which are built as closed islands and the meaningless voids that are left in between them create a profound urban deprivation.

This commercial axis fades with the forest on the North and is blocked withthe residential district that has mostly reached its building capacity on the East. The hunger for new commercial regions makes the Kagıthane region alluring.Tekfen Group which has foreseen the potential in the region requested for a new office building, another tower, in the region. In the design process, the site and its surrounding has been analyzed in depth. The different sociological and physical layers in the region were decomposed.

The existing pattern was examined in its current state by making future projections like the property, transformation models and rehabilitation procedures. The highly detailed and comprehensive digital models have simplified to think about the different scale perception experiences and topographical effects.

The various possibilities of the fragmentation derived from the surrounding building pattern was elaborated rather than the totalitarian approach of the familiar office buildings, which would also provide flexible use opportunities in the management and marketing processes. The abstraction process was utilized by slenderizing the decisions related to surfaces.The parameters of the mass and void proportions, the effects of the colors and textures, the inside and outside perceptions, the lighting levels and the natural ventilation were criteria for the surface and material choices.


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