Ulus Savoy Residences

  • Ulus Savoy Residences

Istanbul, Turkey
Çarmıklı & Saruhan Joint Venture
Built Area
83.000 m² (893,404.56 sqf)

There were two important inputs regarding the settlement of 26 blocks, located in Ulus, which are the meaningless rigidity of building regulations that are valid in this region and the existence of a legally approved project prepared beforehand, the site plan and levels of which are to be kept. Moreover, it is meaningless to speak of a noteworthy architectural characteristic as regards the Ulus Valley.

The reconstruction of the topography with a structure of shells as the roof of the continuous garage creates the new ground, most often partly concealed by the layer of vegetation. Conventional apartment blocks take shape according to decisions concerning mass, which are determined by the codes, the surfaces of which are characterized as continuation of the landscape by the use of natural materials and colors that disappears the complex on the ground as opposed to its similars in the neighborhood.

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