Şalvarağa Club House and Residences

  • Şalvarağa Club House and Residences

Bodrum, Turkey

Çağdaş Holding


Built Area
2.700 m2 , (29,062.55 sqf)

Residential, Hotel


Throughout the years, building bylaws of Bodrum have been accepted as a precipitating factor of a building type which called “Bodrum House” because it has been continued espeacially in this region in east coast and which derives its building scale from a convention that has been accepted as widespreadly in coastal regions of Akdeniz. The description of building bylaws has been accepted as the most important reason of monotony of building environment, due to a three dimensional envelope and the proportion of full and empty spaces that it defines whatever the program, building technology, topography that the building contains and location of it according to the sun and wind. This kind of a settlement description which causes destruction of sloping and rocky topography of Bodrum and substantially damages on its natural landscape, has been accepted as problematic in terms of Bodrum Büyük Kulüp Project.

Salvaraga Hill, where Bodrum Büyük Kulüp Project has been settled, has the potential of being one of the gates of Bodrum Peninsula with the Kurvaziyer Harbour next to it, as well as its special location oriented to the Bodrum Castle and its capability to see the whole peninsula. In spite of this, a kind of existence form, which hides itself by growing into a ‘landscape-building’ rather then to be visible, which aims to continue its relation structurally with the topography and to give back the identity of topography even though rebuilding, can be summerize as the main approach of the project. Hot climate of the region gave way to design of open/semi-open spaces, shady and cool, large terraces, that enable the daily life going on outside as usual in these kind of regions. Between the terraces as mentioned, the needs of closed spaces has been solved as free pavilions, which were suited for the size, distance and area descriptions given by building bylaws.

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