Foreign Trade Complex

  • Foreign Trade Complex

Istanbul, Turkey

Undersecretariat of Foreign Trade


Built Area
44.500 m2 (478,994.01 sqf)



This Complex, which is situated in Yenibosna where Istanbul’s two main beltways intersect, consists of buildings with commercial and social functions that will be constructed in several stages. A limited competition was held for the complex in 1997; the first stage of the complex, the “Office of the Exporters Associations”, which is formed of different buildings fitted to a circulation backbone, was completed in August 2000 and put into service.

Areas for joint use such as auditorium, seminar halls, dining rooms, cafeteria, library, and exhibition hall are situated in the plaza, which is two stories high and situated beneath the square masses that were designed as the offices of three different exporters associations. These masses start at the plaza’s gallery and become dissociated and individualized toward the upper stories; the spatial voids formed by the atria at there center having translucent covers above them enable natural light to diffuse homogenously into the offices from the interior surfaces as well.

Thanks to these voids, the visual relation between the floors and different offices was reinforced. The main criteria in designing the complex were that technologically the buildings excel in its structure on the one hand, and that its spatial order be functional and easily transformed on the other.

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