Le Meridien Hotel

  • Le Meridien Hotel

Istanbul, Turkey



Built Area
64.650 m² (695,886.808 sqf)

Hotel, Residences, Offices


The building is located in the sloping Etiler area, near the toll booths of the TEM Highway and the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge. Etiler is one of the relatively new districts of İstanbul. Whatever their function is, -either residential or office buildings, even more recreational onesthe buildings in the neighborhood substantially does not differentiate from each other, without the exception of some new examples. Variability of the topography and the perceptions of perspective that differentiate in every points, nearly paste the buildings onto each other and create identical “organic masses”.

The main input of the design was the search of a mass, that will change surrounding building scale as an advantage of the building regulations, will not go against that above-mentioned homogenous context, on the contrary will include that context by reinterpreting and will not be estranged to its location.

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