Kuzu Effect Mixed-Use Complex

  • Kuzu Effect Mixed-Use

Ankara, Turkey

Kuzu Group

2013 - 2019

Built Area
186.000 m² (2,002,087.33 sqf)

Mixed Use


In this past decade, especially in Istanbul, there has been a rise in the number of mixed use complex buildings that has become important actors in the context of urban sociology where they create a physical and social relationship with the area they are built in. These projects, although they are highly complex due to their physical size, integrated ownership and containing quite a variety of functions which are highly transformative, have been on rise in for some time in Ankara as well.

As an important and distinguishng feature of similar buildings, it is aimed to propose various options both for residences and the offices. Depending on criterias of height, view and size, some parts of the building have units with large terraces with landscape, galleries and high ceiling solutions and at some other parts there exist more conventional units. The project aims to embrace the region’s innovative spirit of its early years by employing simple language with strong characteristics.

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