Yenikapi Transfer Point and Archeopark

  • Yenikapi Transfer Point and Archeopark

Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality & Bimtaş


Built Area
157.500 m² (1,695,315.89 sqf)

Cultural, Recreation

Competition Entry

The remains of the ancient Theodosius port unveiled during the excavations undertaken in Yenikapı (the future transfer point in Istanbul inside Historical Peninsula) led the way to the international competition for Yenikapı Transfer Point, Archeopark and City Archives. Taking the matter in wider sense, one main driver of design was to overcome the urban fragmentation in the Historical Peninsula (rooted in former urban interventions that demolished historical building texture to open fast vehicle roads) by rearranging the vehichle roads in order to revitalize the street life. Extending the urban pattern of Yalı Neighborhood (an isolated region still sustaining its unique urban texture today) helped unite the other fragments. City archives, transfer station and commercial units are condensed in one point creating variety of urban spaces.

Unlike conventional museums, exhibition spaces of city archives are designed in fragments and spread over the canopy which is serving as a clear separator between the commercial activity on the ground level and the public space on archives level. In the Transfer Center while one transfers between stations; to meet the empty space where the port remains are, to see the entrance gallery of the city museum and the commercial buildings, to have a visual relation with the above-ground enables a perception of being in a “place”.

Leaving the excavation area empty as it is and displaying the port remains in situ would enable the citizens of today to imagine a long lost image, that this point, which is currently 500 meters inland was once a large port.

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