Gear Patrol includes Sancaklar Mosque in “the best architecture since 2010 does more with less”.

Part of what makes architecture so interesting as a visual expression of creativity is its close, unique tie to global economies. As real estate and stock markets dip, painters will continue to paint and photographers will keep shooting, but the scale, cost and the utilitarian nature of architecture means that without demand, there just won’t be supply. It’s this exact symbiosis between the financial and creative sides of architecture that made for a fairly bleak outlook in 2009.

Despite, or maybe because of, global economies still recovering from a recession, architecture from the last five years took on a more reserved, introspective tone. Sure, there were still proposals for megatowers and man-made islands, and some of the buildings on this list boast incredible square footage numbers, but the really good stuff tried to go a little farther in a quest for value beyond pure usable space — whether by a deeper awareness of the increasingly fragile world around us, or an attempt to help people live better and more connected lives. Architecture is and forever will be tied to the global economy, but these 10 highlights from the past five years demonstrate that the relationship between man and building might go a bit deeper than money.

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