EAA – Emre Arolat Architecture will be in Venice with archstrataantioch in Time Space Existence exhibition taking place in Palazzo Bembo as a Collateral Event of the 15th International Architecture Exhibition of la Biennale di Venezia.

The Time Space Existence will document current developments and thoughts in architecture, highlighting fundamental questions by discussing the philosophical concepts of time, space and existence, displaying a large diversity of presentations combining classical architectural presentations with surprising artistic elements. Peter Eisenman, Curt Fentress, Woha and Studio Ravazi are among the other distinguished architecture studios that will be exhibiting in Palazzo Bembo alongside EAA – Emre Arolat Architecture.

arch l strata l antioch will showcase the Antakya Museum Hotel project located in the center of Antakya, Turkey, close to St. Pierre Church which is one of the most important pilgrimage sites of Christianity. In Antakya, in a geography  where every dig reveals findings of archeological relevance; contradictory to the common practice of concealing the findings and pursuing on with the construction, the client chose to unveil the potential of the site while bringing EAA into the project with the expectation of EAA – Emre Arolat Architecture to take the initiative of envisioning a building where a museum and a hotel could coexist together. The process of dealing with the tension and the attractive potentials of this programmatic dichotomy, examined throughly by EAA – Emre Arolat Arcitecture, will be presented in arch l strata l antioch.

Through images, text, videos and model, the exhibit will highlight the complex layers and the unique manner of the Antakya Museum Hotel project where intricate circumstances regarding the site along with normatives are confronted and dealt with in an unprecedented way, displaying how architecture can cause paradigm shift in interpreting private and public.

The Time space Exhibition in PalazzoBembo ( Riva del Carbon, #4793, Venice,Italy) will be open to public from 28 May to 27 November 2016, with preview evenings on 26 and 27 May.